Who is PreTalen?

PreTalen is an agile professional engineering and integration firm specializing in Communication, Navigation, Cyber Systems and Advanced Programs.
We create customer success by providing the highest quality products and services offering the best value while reducing cost, risk and schedule.
By performing validated and verified modeling and simulation, PreTalen has saved the DoD millions of dollars as well as reducing systems risk and schedule. PreTalen specializes in both constructive software and hardware in the loop simulation from engineering level through campaign many-on-many. Here is a short list of the models we excel in:

  • STK – Land, Air, Sea, Space and Cyber modeling and simulation
  • NavTK – Navigation analysis
  • GIANT – GPS Interference and Navigation Tool
  • SEAS – Multi-Agent Theater Operations Simulation
  • Matlab – Scripting and engineering level simulation

Any idea, prototype, system or system of systems must be tested and evaluated on several levels. PreTalen begins by working through a defined test process to ensure the ability to document quantitative results. These steps include modeling and simulation, hardware in the loop and field test operations – each feeding the next and validating the prior.
To be “RIGHT” – (Correct, Precise, Exact, Accurate) you must:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Collect the right data
  • Evaluate the right metrics
  • Form the right conclusions

PreTalen conducts internal company R&D as well as customer funded S&T funding to ensure we are maintaining a cutting edge. Through our forward thinking innovations, we are able to provide the technologies for tomorrow to fill gaps identified by the US Government.
Instrumentation is integral to all aspects of testing. As part of our approach to solve problems and develop new capabilities, PreTalen has developed a thorough understanding and capability to program interface control documents (ICDs) and instrumentation. PreTalen knows that the key to a successful test is knowing where, what, and how to collect data. Our innovative instrumentation solutions have helped our clients conduct diagnostics, quantify performance of military GPS and Cyber equipment, and provide truth sources of location and RF data during lab and field testing.


PreTalen’s focus on the creation of more effective products, processes, services, technologies, and ideas.


PreTalen’s tool chest leverages our subject matter experts as well as pulling in community experts to provide the customer with the best possible solution.


PreTalen’s results are a measurable concept, quantitatively shown by the ratio of our output to your investment.